Poly-artist Xi (Zee) passionately pursues a variety of interests in the Arts. A graduate
of the Cleveland Institute of Art, she has designed and painted in many venues;
theaters, museums, special events, videos, business and residential interiors, etc.

She worked and taught scenic painting at Cornell University for 5 years, and has spent
over 30 years developing and honing her natural gifts as an artist, designer, painter,
photographer, woodworker, and faux finisher.

Xi owns and operates state of the art computer equipment for design and client
materials, a professional wood workshop, spray booth, and fine art studio to facilitate
any and all types of projects.

Xi describes herself as a Poly-Artist since she has never attached the whole of her
artistic exploration to one type of medium. Xi's talent and skills are apparent no matter
what media she is using. She utilizes and masters any media that will best express her
vision. There seems to be no end to her quest for adding new "tools" to her expansive
repertoire (at present she is exploring welding- stay tuned).

"Xi utlilizes, cultivates, and melds her broad range of talents and experience in every
Studio Xi endeavor, harmonizing the sophistication of 'high art' painting and crafting
techniques with the magic, illusion, and wonder of the theater."  Ithaca Journal Feature
- May 1997
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